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Open-ended quiz 1

Open-ended quiz

1.What is a dictionary ?

Answer: a dictionary contains lists of words in alphabetical order, which explain (decode) unknown words for example of a foreign language. There are also dictionaries which give you information about a subject (also in alphabetical order). To sum it up : dictionaries are texts, texts have meanings, dictionaries have meanings (for example dictionaries are signs)

2.What kinds of dictionaries are there ?

Answer: There are dictionaries , which decode a meaning and there are dictionaries , which describe a wordfield with synonymes.

3.What is the difference between a semasiological dictionary and an onomasiological dictionary ?


semasiological dictionary:If you are using a semasiological dictionary you are looking for semantics (meaning of a word). You have a word and you don`t know the meaning (you have to decode it). In general you have an appearance and are looking for a meaning.

In a semasiological dictionary the words are listed in alphabetical order.

Onomasiological dictionary:If you use an onomasiological dictionary you roughly know what the word means and look up the wordfield. In an onomasiological dictionary the words are listed (topics and meanings). The word is described by using synonyms instead of translations.

4.What other kinds of dictionaries are there ?

Answer: There is a huge number of dictioaries to be found. Therefore I will only name a few. For example : thesaurus, encyclopaedia, bilingual dictionary, Learner`s dictionary, online dictionary, monolingual dictionary, Dictionary of idioms....

5.What is Text Linguistics ?


6.What is Applied Text Linguistics ?


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