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Quiz No 3

define „explanation“

Answer: an explanation is to make something clear and intelligible to somebody else

Question: Are semasiological macrostructures more like lists, trees, or networks?

Answer: semasiological macrostructures are lists.


Quiz:megastructure, macrostructure

1.What is the



of a lexicon ? Give examples.


megastructure: structure of the dictionary including the front matter, the back matter, the body of the dictionary and abbreviations of grammar.

macrostructure: organisation of the lexical entries of the dictionary into lists, tree structures and network.

2.What is a



dictionary ? Give examples.

Semasiological dictionary: a dictionary where you look up meanings of a word (semantics). You have a word and don`t know the meaning (you have to decode it).

example: house: a building used as a home; building used for some specific purpose   

Onomasiological dictionary: a dictionary where you look up wordfields. You roughly know the word and know what it means. You look up the word listed in the wordfield to make sure that you have the right meaning of the word in your mind.

example: to roll: spin, turn, movement,sweep along,.....

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