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Quiz No 1

Quiz 1

1.Why is a portfolio important ?

Answer: a portfolio is important, because then it is easier to get an access to the theme and you get familiar with the terms as you work on your portfolio constantly. You can find out what you understood and what you didn`t understand more quickly. A portfolio shall give you an overview about the class and its topics and you become familiar with the everyday use of electronic media.

2.What should a portfolio contain, and how are these components defined ?

Answer:a portfolio should contain a glossary of the most important technical terms, the answer to quizzes and tasks and a learners diary . It should be well structured, easy to use and should contain a table of content.

Glossary: list of words, which are important for a particular theme. The definitions are given. The sources have to be named, because otherwise itwould be plagiarism.

Learner`s diary: summary of the lecture. You can emphazise what you personally found interesting( evaluation). A diary is good for discovering what you haven`t understood.

Quiz: a set of questions to make sure that you understood the theme which was discussed during the lecture and to think about it / keep it in mind after the lecture.

3.Why should the portfolio be on a website ?

Answer: The portfolio should be on a website, because it provides an easier access to everyone in class, especially if you have about 100 students or more in a class. You can communicate easier and faster for example via email. You also learn to use media and the internet.

4.How do you make a website ?

Answer: You can create a website using web editing software or you can use the server of the university and upload your html files there. Another possibility to the software is programming the side by yourself (with html). If you have never done a website before you can start with a weblog (blog), which is easier to create. You can structure the side as you wish,but in some cases the structure and appearance are already given by the provider. On the internet you will find various providers, where you can get a free website or weblog ( e.g,,,google.....) .


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