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homework lecture 2


1.What are dictionaries, lexicons, encyclopedias... „language“ ?


dictionaries: book consisting of an alphabetical list of words with their meanings; alphabetically ordered reference book of terms relating to a particular subject (Collins English Dictionary)

lexicon: dictionary ; vocabulary of a language ( Collins English Dictionary)

encyclopaedia: book or set of books containing facts about many subjects, usually in alphabetical order (Collins English Dictionary)

language“: system of sounds,symbols, etc for communicating thought; particular system used by a nation or people;system of words and symbols for computer programming

2.What kinds of dictionaries are there ? Define the types !

3.How would you find the „best“ English dictionary ?

Answer: Personally, I don`t think that there is the „best“ English dictionary, because there are different kinds of dictionaries. What kind of dictionary you use depends on what you want to know. As there are semasiological (meaning of word) and onomasiological

(wordfield) dictionaries, you will find one information in the one and another in the other dictionary, not both in one. If I want to find out something in particular I look up the same word in several dictionary and choose the one that I like best.

Task: set up a questionnaire of questions about dictionaries, and ask 3 people to respond to it before next week

  1. For what purposes do you use a dictionary ?

  2. Which dictionary/dictionaries do you normally use ?

  3. Which online dictionaries do you know ?

  4. Do you have a dictionary at home or do you prefer online dictionaries ?

Question 1

P1: I use a dictionary to look up a word I don`t know or a technical term.

P2: I use a dictionary to look up words or synonyms.

P3: I use a dictionary to translate texts.

Question 2

P1: I normally use a pons english-german dictionary.

P2: I normally use the Collins English or Collins German dictionary.

P3: I normally use onlind dictionaries like leo.

Question 3

P1: I know leo and

P2: I know leo.

P3: I konw leo.

Question 4

P1: Yes, I´ve got a dictionary at home, which I normally use. (Pons)

P2: Yes, I´ve got Collins` German dictionary and I`ve got Collins`English dictionary

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