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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

In this lecture we talked about surface structure. We started off by revising terms and said that a dictionary is a complex sign, metalanguage is the language that you use to talk about language and that words in a dictionary are object language. Then we looked at pronunciation and focused on transcription. Transcriptionis the different views of sounds, In a dictionary you only need the phonic representation.There are two kinds of representing a word: the narrow phonetic transcription and the phonemic representation. In a narrow phonetic transcription you`ll have all the details you find in a word. In a phonemic representation you have the broad transcription to distinguish a word. We also talked about phonemes (smallest word-distingishing segments) and syllables ( word distinguishing phoneme configuration). In the second half of the lecture we talked about Spelling-to-sound-rules. An example for that is the word : ghoti which is pronounced fish. You have the “gh“ which is pronounced “f“ like in “enough“, “o“ which is pronounced as an “i“ as in “women“ and the “ti“ which is pronounced like the “sh“ in “nation“ .

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