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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

In the first lecture after christmas we started off with revising.We said that the largest possible syllable in English consists of 6 morphemes. We searched for words to match a morpheme consiting of one syllable up to a morpheme consisting of four syllables.

Morpheme consisting of one syllable: cat

Morpheme consisting of two syllables: hello

Morpheme consisting of three syllables: carnival

Morpheme consisting of four syllables: secretary

Then we revised semantics.

We were looking for words which have a sense but no reference and we said that for example fictional animals like dragons don`t have that. We weren`t so sure about philosophy and love and decided that these were a kind of borderline words.

What I found very useful were the explanation of opposite (only two, eg. Good and evil), complementary (more than two;eg tall and short; there are different stages between tall and short) and inverse (eg buy and sell/ husband and wife). If I got that one right you can turn it around. For example X is the husband of Y. Y is the wife of X.

Later on we focused on pragmatics and did a brainstorming. We were asked to write our own personal definition of pragmatics as homework.



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